Nasal and Oral swab Specimen Collection for Covid-19

This online resource is provided by the Medical Training Section at Medical Education and Research Department, Dubai Health Authority aiming to give an awareness to the healthcare providers on the latest evidence on the COVID-19  Nasal and Oral Swab specimen collection.

The information here is drawn primarily from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) , World Health Organization (WHO) and local health resources  and recommendations. Please note that guidance may vary based on your organization and continued updated guidelines.

By the end of the course, the learner will gain knowledge about the donning of PPE along with the Nasal and Oral Swab collection techniques for Covid-19, specimen labeling and transportation.

The course length is about 25 minutes.  You will have to answer the questions in between, which will help to assess your progress and by the end of the course, you will have to complete and submit the evaluation form to claim your certificate of completion.

Learning Objectives:

  >  How to collect good quality upper respiratory specimen.
  >  Effective maintenance of infection control for Covid-19.
  >  Recording of patient information and documentation – labeling.
  >  Standardize the specimen management of COVID-19 patients.
  >  Ensuring patient comfort.
  >  Standardize the specimen transportation of Covid-19 cases to the lab.

 Program Details

  >  Estimated Completion Time:  30 minutes.
  >  Certificate: Printable PDF up on course completion.
  >  Course fee: Free.
  >  Targeted Audience:  All Health Care Provider

Technical Requirements:

 >  A computer or smart device with good internet connection.
 >  speaker or head set.

For better user experiences, please use updated web browsers like Google chrome, Opera & Firefox  and its not recommended to use the Internet explorer and smartphones.